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The museums, foundations, schools, institutes and private noble residences in the town of Mantova are home to remarkable private collections and scientific finds dating back to the 18th and the 19th centuries, most of which visitors have no access to. The project “Mantova between Enlightenment and Positivism: an unprecedented journey through arts, science, places and collections” aims at turning this heritage accessible to visitors, at virtually connecting the places and the finds using multimedia technologies.
The functional refurbishing of spaces and places to house these collections will give the town new permanent areas for exhibitions, initiatives and cultural events. This way the project will bring to light the functional ties among some urban places which have always been devoted to culture, study and research (Palace of the Academy and Palazzo degli Studi) and which were culturally linked to private spaces such as the palazzo d’Arco, home to relevant naturalist and scientific collections. 

The main aim of the project is to link all the naturalist and scientific collections of our partners through the implementation of a new cultural path in the light of a continuous promotion of such an heritage. The project addresses particularly local schools in order to raise awareness about the naturalist scientific heritage of the area among students, teachers and families as an element strengthening the sense of belonging, encouraging dialogue and better mutual understanding. The use of multimedia technologies is at the heart of this new form of museum communication. 

Download the brochure about the projects for schools.

The members of the association are available any time to meet the teachers interested in the project in their schools to talk further in details about what they do and about quotations.